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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  February 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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>> tonight local streets were illuminated in a sea of red and blue lights all to honor a prince william county police officer shot to death during her first night on the job. >> right now at 11:00, what we've learned about the pentagon employee who's charged with the murders of his wife and the officer. fox 5 local news at 11:00 starts now. and we do thank you for joining us. i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm shawn yancy. hundreds of police officers gathered in prince william county to pay tribute to fallen officer ashley guindon. she was one of three officers who responded to a domestic violence call at ronald and crystal hamilton's home. the officers were hit with gun fire as they approached the house. crystal hamilton was also found dead inside the home. her husband was charged with the two murders. >> we have live team coverage starting with marina marraco
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live at prince william county police headquarters. >> reporter: tonight's procession was breath-taking but overwhelmingly sad to see all these agencies to have to band together to guide this hearse from the feen ral home to the police station to say their final good-bye. six miles of red and blue, flashing lights guiding ashley guindon's hearse through the community she so deeply wished to protect. >> i can't. hard to put into words. >> reporter: words lost in this moment. a community in mourning, lying down on the county streets with hands over their hearts and tears streaming down faces of hundreds. >> she was a marine, for the
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marines. it's just sad. and to think that, you know, it was by somebody who's active duty, you know? it just makes it even worse. >> children too young to understand left flowers and handwritten cards at this memorial. >> my cousin, she wants to become a police officer. and seeing stuff like this gets me really scared because that's my cousin, i love her and i wouldn't want anything like this to happen to her. >> the display of love and respect was silence, it spoke louder and deeper than words could translate. >> incredible. so many people from so many counties came here. >> customs border patrol, staffer, mannasas, fairfax, prince william, transit police. there were multiple agencies out tonight paying their respects because all in all they're all one. it doesn't matter what patch or which county they wear. they're all doing the same job. they're trying to protect their community. >> and tomorrow's viewing will start at 10:00 in the morning at the hilton
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followed by the funeral service at noon. both of them will be open to the public and ultimately officer guindon's body will be laid to rest in her native state of massachusetts. live tonight in woodbridge, marina marraco, fox 5 local news. >> today we spoke with crystal hamilton's sister. wendy told us that crystal and her husband were high school sweethearts and that ronald hamilton appeared to be a good huds and father. >> he siimd like an upright person. when i met him he was all smiles, very intelligent, very intellectual and i felt like okay, this is a good match for my sister. >> we're still trying to make sense out of everything. we're still trying to understand what would have motivated such violence, not just against my sister, but against the officer that lost her life, and most importantly the other officers that were injured. >> the couple's son is currently being cared for by ronal
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hamilton's family. crystal's relatives tell us they are fighting for custody. crystal hamilton's husband is accused of shooting her to death. her murder sparked conversations again about domestic violence and the warning signs. tisha lewis is live in woodbridge tonight with more. >> reporter: the conversations are under way now. first and foremost, there is no confirmation that there was a history of a domestic violence before this deadly incident. but even so, the incident has sparked dialogue and conversation about domestic violence. long after this makeshift memorial is gone, this neighborhood, this block, this community will remain broken in mourning what has happened to people that they know. we did have a chang chance to sit in on a support group for domestic violence survivors they say that let this serve as another reminder why it's so important for people to get help. >> you have the
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safe. >> i have the right to love and be loved. >> this weekly gathering is hosted by acts. the organization is based in dumfries, it's the largest of its kind in prince george's county. now is the time to raise awareness about domestic violence. he also says this tragedy was likely not the first altercation between the hamiltons and there may have been warning signs that were missed. >> they isolate them from family and friends, they limit their access to funds, they keep pulling them away so the person feels very much trapped in a situation. in this society we do a lot of blaming the victim. what did she do to provoke this. what is she doing that makes him so upset. maybe if she was different, this wouldn't happen. >> reporter: here's a
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statistic. liga goes on to say that one in four women have experienced domestic violence and he says most importantly it's important that we all know that there is help out there. there are resources before it gets to this. tisha lewis, fox 5 local news. >> certainly important reminders. our coverage continues on our website and on our fox 5 news app. you can learn more about the funeral service details and also how to donate to the officer's family. >> developing in southeast dc, one person has died in a house fire on massachusetts avenue near southern avenue. the call for help came in around 8:00 tonight. so far the victim's name and the cause of the fire have not been released. investigators are on the scene. in mount airy maryland, police are questioning a person who is suspecting of firing gun shots around cars. as they drove along woodville
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road. all of the spots came from the same location. no one was harmed and police say there is no public threat. moving to prince george's county, a 17-year-old boy was shot and critically wounded while he waited at a bus stop this morning. it happened here at green belt road. a witness explains what she saw. >> i saw this guy drive down in the middle of the road and two young boys were running. one had a red jacket crouched down behind a gentleman. it's really scary. >> duval high school and goddard middle school were locked down for several hours while police searched for the suspect. at this point no arrests have been made. police believe the attack was
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>> more charges. a federal grand jury indicted deonte carraway on 13 counties of sexual exploitation of a minor to produce child porn. the new charges involve 11 children ranging in age between 9 and 12 years old. the indictment replaces the criminal complaint last week. anyone with information is asked to call 1-800-call-fbi. the families of two college students will get justice for their daughters. jesse matthew is expected to plead guilty. matthew was also later charged with morgan harrington's 2009 murder. in montgomery county neighbors are demanding changes to an intersection after three family members
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saturday night. their 15-year-old daughter was critically hurt when their car made a left-hand turn on to pyle road. they were struck by a bmw. now neighbors want to see a traffic signal installed at the intersection. more than 3,000 people have already signed an online petition for the maryland state highway administration. >> today all of the presidential hopefuls made their last-minute visits trying to secure as many votes as possible before super tuesday. >> hillary clinton was in virginia trying to lock down votes there. but what states are at the highest stake when it comes to tomorrow's primaries? details next. sue? >> the weather is looking good for all the virginia voters heading on out. the weather will be really delightful for the first day of march. it is coming like a lamb. it looks like we're going to get up and over 60 degrees again tomorr
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may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. today hillary clinton made a
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ahead of super tuesday. she visited george mason university one of several stops around the state. polls show clinton has a solid lead in virginia over her challenger, senator bernie sanders. >> and in just a matter of hours, the biggest day of the primary season will begin 13 states in one territory are now on the line. >> sarah simmons is here with a look at what's at stake for the candidates. sarah? >> reporter: tony and shawn, the insults continue to fly on the republican side. the democratic primary race is much more subdued. although both sides have a lot at stake on super tuesday. the candidates spent monday making their last-minute pitch to the voters in primaries tuesday. hillary clinton made an appearance at george mason university in northern virginia. one of several stops around the state. polls show her in a solid lead in the commonwealth over bernie sanders.
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little more interesting. donald trump is still riding high in the polls and is tapping into the frustration many voters are feeling. >> i deal with people much tefer than the people i'm dealing with. but they're more honest in a certain way. politicians are very dishonest people. i've never seen such deception. >> a lot of it is now momentum. if he runs the table on super tuesday, it's going to be really hard to stop him. >> reporter: political analysts and american university professor is looking closely at texas. the state with the most delegates in tomorrow's primary. if donald trump beats ted cruz in his home state of texas, he believes trump will be difficult to stop. >> if ted cruz does win texas, if donald trump's numbers don't go as high as he would like them to be, if mor co-rubio and ted cruz start bumping up against donald trump's lead, then people might begin to
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down. >> reporter: cruz and rubio are on the attack. some see rubio's tactics as a sign of desperation. trump's endorsement by the kkk doesn't seem to be making a dent in his numbers so far. >> if this kkk and david duke incident sort of seep into the voters' minds, if his tax issue and the fact that he isn't releasing his tax returns, if that seeps into voters' minds. some of those late deciders may go for somebody else. >> reporter: and in another interesting twist, ted cruz cited a buzz feed report claiming "the new york times" has a secret tape. cruz is pushing trump to ask the times to release that tape to the public. >> looking forward to tomorrow. virginia is the only state in our region involved in the super tuesday primary race along with alabama,
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colorado, georgia, massachusetts, minnesota, oklahoma, tennessee, texas, vermont, wyoming and american samoa. weather wise for folks heading to the polls tomorrow things look great. i just had an 18-year-old tweet me and say he's going to vote for the first time tomorrow. >> virginia should have no weather problems. temperatures will eventually rise into the low 60s tomorrow. >> a lot of sunshine and not as windy tomorrow. >> that wind was annoying. get ready for a lot of wind this march. it's the windy month. here goes february. it went fast even with our leap day added on and we surely got a nice finish to it today getting up to 65 degrees and we'll have a warm
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change things up again as we get toward the end of the week. still pretty comfortable in spots, although other areas have dropped down just a little bit but we do think it is a terrific super tuesday for temperatures, that is for sure. and the first day of meteorological spring, march 1st. average high for us 51 degrees. tomorrow we're going to be well above it at 62. and not too far from it on wednesday at 54. but the thing about wednesday's temperature, it will probably occur in the morning and drop through the afternoon as the wind picks up, as the cold air comes in. might have to watch for a couple of flurries. we know there will be a few inches in the mountains. we'll watch that for you. thursday is the colder day at 42 degrees and as that chilly air is in place on friday, we will be watching the placement of colder air as well as a storm system that will likely be passing by our area. could produce small accumulation of snow, might be rain could still head out to
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handle on it, if not tomorrow certainly as we get closer to wednesday and wednesday night. 41 degrees is our temperature in gaithersburg right now, 36 at culpeper. up 1 degrees there, and 49 for the district. not too terribly cold tonight. as we look across much of the country, we have one little system passing by to the northeast. this is what we'll be watching late tomorrow night. after 10:00 or 11:00, we may run the risk of seeing some showers pushing into our western suburbs and some of them could be on the moderate side as you see with our brighter colors here. it might even be beginning to rain here in the district. we run all of that through pretty quickly so that most of the area is dry by 7:00 a.m. but you're still getting showers through lower southern maryland, the delmarva and the northern neck and you can see the snow beginning to pile up, just not piling up a lot, just a couple of inches in the mountains but that's definitely something we'll be watching and maybe picking up
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of rain. it's all about the cold that starts coming in wednesday afternoon, we're getting chillier into thursday. and when you see our 7-day forecast, friday with a temperature of 40. we're keeping an eye on the possibility of thursday night into friday maybe having a little issue with some snow and we're thinking it would be a rather small accumulation, not a big one, but sometimes it doesn't take much to cause proble and the national weather service has us in a slight risk of that winter storm threat as we get into friday night. the weekend settles down and begins to warm up. 50, we'll take it. and monday, 56 degrees. that's your weather forecast. jim, over to you. >> all right. luz. i called her by her daughter's name. thank you, sue. yesterday the wizards got one over the cavs. playing the sixers for the
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and take a look. floyd "money" mayweather in the front row. he's in town to promote a boxing march april 1st. serious throwdown to give the sixers an 8-point lead. january wall had an answer. and then the fourth quarter, wall does it again. scoring a game high 37 points. the wizards win 116-108. sixth straight victory at home i'm telling you the verizon center has been lucky for a lot of times. the ends of an era for the caps fans, he was traded. it's a case of business winning out over loyalty. who are the caps getting for like? a toronto native who brings with him an esy
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$2.2 million cap over the next to seasons. he will play on the caps fourth line. >> he's a really good -- similar role to brooks lake. bigger player. heavier player. pretty good skater. i would say he's the equivalent of brooks like, maybe a touch of an upgrade. >> right? >> come on. >> and here's a case -- this is great. this is a case of sports media in real life. a touching tribute to ashley guindon. he inscribed her name on his cleats as he went through the drills. take a look. he plans to give one shoe to the guindon family and auction off the other with proceeds going to her memorial fund. it really shows you there that sometimes people know there's a higher calling than sports. perfect right
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>> that speaks volumes. >> it really does. what a guy. >> what's with your fast nation with sue palka's durt. she mentioned her daughter liz before and that was the second time. i had never met her. >> just so you know. >> she's engaged. i know that already. >> just checking. >> make it a little more awkward. [ laughter ] >> still ahead tonight at 11:00, a look at the newly released fastest car in the world. it's expensive too. we'll be right back.
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scombl. >> luxury car maker just introduced the world's fastest car. take a look. >> ooh. >> we can upgrade if we all chip in. >> it cost $2.6 million. it can cruise up to 261 miles per hour. when and where can you do that? >> beltway? >> at night?
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i don't know how jim knows about that. business insizer reports the audio system features a 1 carat diamond membrane in the speakers. the manufacture even considered what type of leather interior wouldn't distort the sound quality because of the diamond membranes. >> i'm totally getting a hint of bat mobile. >> yes, i like that. >> it's $2.6 million. are you kidding me? >> even if i was rich enough. >> no. >> i would keep digging through the speakers trying to find that diamond. >> me too! >> stay tuned, tmz is next. join us again for fox 5 news morning starting at 4:25. >> have a good night everybody.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: after decades, leonardo dicaprio finally wins an oscar and he almost forgot it at the after party. >> you see this guy like run out and you see him like holding like the oscar. he's like do you want this in here with you? >> it's like he went to the urinal to have a piss and he put it down and forgot it. [laughter] >> yeah. >> the worst part about the whole oscars last night, sly getting snubbed. >> it hit here, man. harvey: he really thought he won. >> michael rappaport posted on instagram, a video. it's the funniest thing i have ever seen. >> what the [bleep] is going on? >> love it! >> emmanuel lubezki. he was leaving ago's last night. he just won best cinematographer. >> he won three years in a row. >> is cinematography like a throw-away oscar?


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